How to Use Video Marketing with E-commerce

Video marketing is an e-commerce strategy that can give you an advantage over your competitors. 90 percent of consumers surveyed by Forbes said that a video convinced them to make a purchase. This extra influence can give you a leg up on other brands that haven’t caught up with current video trends. Learn how you […]

Best Digital Marketing Solutions for B2B Companies

While B2C and B2B marketing still require separate approaches, they’re becoming more similar than you think. As consumers influence the way we market to them, businesses have to adapt, too. While online marketing best practices constantly change all the time, we can give you an idea of what can work for you in the present. […]

How Video Marketing Can Help Your Business

You’ve heard the hype about online video marketing. After all, we’re advocates for it ourselves! But if you don’t know much about the subject, you might have doubts that it works as well as people say it does. Read on to learn how online video content can enhance your business marketing. It Gives You the […]

How to Identify the Right Micro Influencers

As social media continues to rise as a key marketing tool, influencer marketing has become part of many companies’ strategies. Connecting your consumers with someone they trust also builds their trust with you. Instead of working with folks with huge social followings, some companies opt to partner with micro influencers who have fewer followers. Find […]